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Mantras to study

29 Apr 2019

To achieve anything in life it is necessary to create AIM for that. It is also important in studies that the correct AIM be made, when our mind goes into many things, there is a lack of concentration. ______ Once a worker cut 10 quintals of wood on the first day, 8 on the second day, 6 quintals on the third day. When the owner asked him the reason, he told that I am constantly in cutting wood. The owner saw the ax and asked whether you sharpen the ax or not. The worker said no time wasted in this work. The owner said, that's why you are able to cut less wood. Spend 15-20 minutes every day to sharpen your ax.

Keep your AIM Clear

This thing applies to all of us as well, we are students or Employee, we have to sharpen our mind. First of all, make your thinking positive. You become what you think and feel. It is necessary to positive thinking, read Positive books, read Motivational Article, watch Motivational Videos. And as soon as you wake up in the morning, create a "To Do" List, in which you make a list of what to do in the whole day today, so that whatever goal you have to complete in the whole day will be clear from the morning itself, which will make it easier to achieve the target. ______ To achieve anything in life it is necessary to create AIM for that. It is also important in the study that the correct AIM should be made, the correct AIM means if a student's last class gets 50% marks, then his AIM will be to bring 56% marks this year, not that his AIM will bring 80% and Whose 80% marks will have an AIM of 85-86% marks and not after making 90% directly, the next step is to believe that your AIM will be completed. Your mind has the power to change your life. Can change in any direction. To do any work, it is very important to put your whole mind into that work when you are clear how many% marks you have to bring, then decide how many hours you will have to study for it. ______ Divide your AIM into yearly exam, half yearly exam, quarterly exam, monthly exam, goals.

Make small goals for Daily. Put the target on your table by writing in front of you and work accordingly. Complete every day's work on the same day. ______ When you work with perseverance, you will see your Confidence will increase in a few days. ______ Repeat your AIM before bed and immediately after getting up so that your AIM is clear to your mind ______ Never fear never give up. Rise, stand up and fight, till victory prevails. "______ ______ how mind should be in studying ______ Concentration is your focus, work in the work you want to do, when our mind goes into many things, then there is a lack of concentration as if our favorite serial is coming on TV at the same time, then now our The whole attention went away from the study to the TV or we sat reading, a phone call came or our mind started thinking something.