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Home dream now in low budget

29 Apr 2019

Building a house is not as expensive as people have assumed. If the house is constructed by planning, it can be cheaper by 10 to 15 percent. According to experts, often people buy a ready-made house or give a contract to build it. The cost in such houses is high and there is no guarantee of quality. It is better to build your own house so that it will be cheaper as well as cheaper. _______1000 square feet plot house _______ An 800 sq ft house can be built on a plot of 1000 sq ft. If this house is built on contract, then it usually costs 1600 rupees a square foot with the goods. Thus, it cost about 12.80 lakh rupees. But often some additional work has to be done in such houses, after which its cost reaches about 13.50 lakh rupees. If you look at the square feet, then it is worth living around 1687 rupees. _______ Experienced Contractor _______ The selection of an experienced contractor is usually that in the construction of a house, people start working on their own after the engineer makes a map. Do not do this. This increases the construction cost of the house, because you do not have the construction information. Material consumption and waste are more in this wheel. Labor also costs more. This increases the cost while an experienced contractor is aware of all the aspects related to construction. He will get more work in less labor. Material wastage is also reduced.

How can we reduce this expense

Find a good architect to do this work first. With this, not only prepare the map but also plan how many items will be required in which stage of the house. Once this plan is made, you will get an idea of ​​how much brick, cement, rebar and other items will be used to build the house. This sound that sounds normal can give you a big benefit. How to take advantage of this information This information can be exploited in two ways. The first way can be to negotiate the purchase of all the goods needed during manufacture with big shops in the market. This will make the goods cheaper and money will also have to be given as much as they carry. Another way may be that people also contract maintenance during construction with their architect. This can be done by paying a nominal fee. This also helps the architect oversee the entire construction work and negotiate prices in the market.

_______ Making a cheap house _______ Due to inflation, the dream of your house has become difficult, now it can be realized only on a low budget. Due to the large decline in the price of building manufacturers in the market, buildings are being built at low cost. In the last three years, the cost has reduced by 25 to 30 percent at present. Experts are giving different reasons for this, but the common man is getting direct benefit of it. However, despite the decline, the signs of boom in the property sector are rarely seen. _______ Due to the decline in building materials, the cost of the big project of the property can be reduced and new houses can now be found at a lower price. The price of petrol and diesel has also affected the price of other materials including Rangan Rogan. Due to this, construction of 1100 to 1200 rupees square feet is now being done at a cost of 900 to 1000 square feet. It also has the largest share of wages. It is believed that after the Union Budget comes, demand and construction of new houses may increase in March-April.