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How to take care of your car in terrible heat

29 Apr 2019

Heat on our own car also has a bad effect, and they also need as much protection from heat as we ourselves. Today we will tell you that how can you keep your car better in summer? The brake is one of the most important parts of any vehicle, and its importance increases even more when you are on a long drive. Yes, in summer, the grease of the brakes wears off quickly. Because of which when you apply brake, your car takes more time to stop. You should check your brake pads early in the summer. Car parking should be done with special care in car parking during summer season. You should try to get your car under a garage, parking lot or shed. If you do not find any such place, then you can also park your car under the shade of a tree. Do not turn on the AC of the car immediately after standing in the sun for a long time, run the window down for a while and then turn on the AC of the car. _____ Engine oil ie Mobil is the life of your car's engine. Yes, the better your mobil, the better will be the life of your car. Periodically check the engine oil of the car and keep changing it. Synthetic oil will be better for your car. _____ Don't forget to have AC serviced AC works by drying the moisturizer from inside the car, so during the rainy season, get the AC serviced carefully so that it works better. If necessary, you can leave the AC of the car running, so that the damp smell will not come from the car.

Your car will be "cool" in summer

Coolant is the most integral part of a coolant system car. During long drives or terrible heat, its level rises so that your car becomes hot. If the coolant system of your car is not working properly, then your car will overheat and there is a risk of engine sealing. So during the summer, when your car is heating up, you open the radiator cap of your car, note that at this time the engine of the car is not overheated or else you can burn. _____  Airconditioner Airconditioner is the best device used in the summer season. It keeps your car cool according to you. But keep checking and servicing it in time so that you can get rid of the heat. Because AC itself releases a lot of heat. _____ In the hot summer, it is very important to take special care of the wheels of the car. Because the ventilation of your wheels due to severe heat is a normal process. Therefore, check the pressure of the wheels of the car from time to time. Taking care of the wipers of the wiper car in the summer season, you might feel a little strange reading this. But it is true that their care is also very important. Because the rubber of the wiper breaks down due to the terrible heat. Use of wipers is also less in summer, so this condition occurs due to being in the same condition. So keep using the wipers from time to time and take care of them.

Car care in these ways during monsoon, there will never be trouble It is a very difficult task to save the car from heavy rain, mud, water filled in during the rain, but if you adopt some minor tips, then you will not have to worry about your car for the entire monsoon. _____ Do not forget to use the cover _____ It is often seen that people keep their car covered to protect them from external dust and dirt, but do not use the car cover during the rainy season. Actually, even if you keep the car covered, it is digested by rain, but because of the moisturizer, the inside gets wet and the water spots leave marks on the body of the car when you remove it. _____ save car paint _____ The biggest fear in the rain is the damage to the paint of the car. For this you can use paint protection film. If you find this option expensive, then you can also use ceramic paint or else apply wax on the car. The car will remain glowing. _____ keep the bonnet clean _____ During the rains, the bonnet of the car should be cleaned regularly, because if the water accumulates in the bonnet, the inner part will get rust as well as it can also affect the engine. Leakage can also occur in the car if water accumulates in the bonnet. _____ check tires _____ The most important thing during the rainy season is the tires of the car. If the tires of the car are causing a slight problem, then change the function and the other task is to check the pressure, check the pressure of the tires so that you can go anywhere without worrying about comfort.