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Benefits from spinach

29 Apr 2019

The properties found in spinach are not usually found in other herbs. This is the reason why spinach is very useful from the health point of view, is universal and cheap. ______ It is easily attainable by plurality in almost all the provinces of India. Its plant is about one to one and a half feet tall. Its leaves are smooth, fleshy and thick. It is generally grown in winter season, it is also cultivated in other seasons.

Merits and benefits

The elements found in it are mainly calcium, sodium, chlorine, phosphorus, iron, mineral salts, protein, starch, vitamins 'A' and 'C', etc. Iron is also found exclusively in these elements. ______ Iron element is useful, important, essential for human body. It is due to iron that the blood vessels present in the body have anti-disease ability and blood redness (redness). Due to lack of iron, pandemic disease often occurs due to deficiency of blood in the blood. ______ Lack of iron causes loss of power, loss of body, lack of enthusiasm, lack of energy, laziness, weakness, lack of gastritis, anorexia, liver problems etc. ______ The herb of spinach is airy, cool, increases phlegm, penetrates stool, removes items, breathing, bile, blood disorders and fever.

According to Ayurveda, spinach bhaji is generally tasty and quick to digest. Its seeds are soft, sharp and cold. They are used for the relief of difficulty in breathing, swelling of liver and retrieval of scabies. ______ It is also beneficial in burning of heat, chest and lungs. It calms the fast of bile, it is very beneficial in jaundice and cough due to heat.