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Causes and treatment of stomach disease

29 Apr 2019

Causes and treatment of stomach worms Symptoms and remedies to kill stomach worms: There are many types of insects, some are obvious and some are indirect. The insects that are in season are visible to us. "______ Remedy to kill stomach worms: There are many types of insects, some are obvious and some are indirect. The insects are according to the season and are visible to us. There are direct insects and there are some microbes that are so small. That they cannot be seen without a microscope. In this way, there are insects falling in the body or insects living inside the body, there are many types of insects inside the body. Their color size is all different and they cannot enter inside the body without any reason but there are many reasons for entering it.

Due to the entry of insects into the body

What we do not pay attention to - such as small children eating things lying in the house or around, by mud, drinking contaminated water, rotting in the wound, injury or injury to flies or other contaminated objects By coming, living or going in the contaminated environment etc. (Measures to kill stomach worms) People who do not consume health rules, pure water and pure drinks, they suffer more from stomach worms, they would go out of the body with feces, phlegm, blood (blood). They are called 'picking' small worms and insects are called 'patere'. Many reasons are found in the stomach. Such as - wrong eating, eating with dirty hands, eating indigestion (loss of appetite), food contaminated by flies, eating more milk, sour and sweet things, eating refined flour, powdered grains, curry, raita, jaggery , Eating urad, vinegar, kanji, curd and combination substances, worms and sleeping during the day, causes worms in the stomach.

What to take in food ______ Just as there are bugs in the stomach, avoiding eating. Similarly, what is to be eaten in food is also taken care of. Because it starts the effect of medicine only by eating, some things must be consumed while eating. (Measures to kill stomach worms) Such as banana, mustard greens, kanji, whey, honey, asafoetida, lemon juice, old rice, moong, pigeon pea and malak dal, sago, Bathua, bitter gourd, parwal, luffa, gourd, pomegranate, raw amla, orange, Pineapple juice, ginger chutney, apple, rye, dry grapes, celery juice, asafetida, cumin, coriander, bitter peppercorns and karmicides should be used in food.