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The Indian heritage

27 Apr 2019

The roots of Indian culture and civilization can be traced back to 5,000 years, including an unbroken and continuing tradition, customs and world-renowned philosophy. Religion in India is not just a belief system but a journey to find oneself that helps mortals to evolve into the eternal of pride and sacrifice. In ancient India, kings had to act not just as rulers but as great men. Some such obvious examples are Raja Vikramaditya who is known for his artistic and intellectual contribution. King Ashoka who is famous for his peaceful ideals and Prithviraj Chauhan, the great warrior of India. Throughout history, Indian languages ​​and literature had a significant impact on other great civilizations and the development of the world. To understand the real India, it is necessary to introduce the languages ​​of different regions so that a good knowledge of Indian civilization, tradition, history and folklore can be collected. For those who want to know the cultural richness of India through books, India Book House, the pioneer in the import and distribution of books, is the right place. India with some of the most beautiful places in the world is also called heaven on earth. Kashmir is one such place which has fascinated tourists from all over the world with the beauty of its snow capped mountains, Dal Lake, Shalimar Gardens and the famous India Gardens.

Common belief traditional India

Contrary to popular belief, in traditional India, girls were placed under the guidance of a guru where they learned various sciences as well as varied styles of Indian music and dance to enhance their artistic skills. Especially after marriage, the Indian woman has to wear intricate jewelery made by indigenous artisans as auspicious symbol of happiness in her married life. Indian cultural resources help a lot in finding attractive Indian names for naming children. ____ In ancient India, the kitchen is considered a place of worship, where the fire god dwells and nurtures the whole family. Charming Indian cuisine attracts everyone from native to foreign. One reason for this is probably the countless types of Indian cuisine, which is famous for its unique taste. ____ After centuries of assimilating and nurturing the cultures of people with incredible diversity, India is still an attraction for people all over the world. Even today, objects associated with specific culture such as unique Indian clothes, delectable Indian food dishes, sweet Indian music and catchy Indian names reflect the true identity of India. ____ Even in the modern context, India holds a special place regarding Bollywood. Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world which represents the unique cultural identity of the country. Colloquially known as Indian masala films, the films have created ripples all over the world along with the Indian box office. The expansion of commercial films and the production of a large number of crossover films has created a global craze for Indian actors and stars. The new generation Indian models of the Indian fashion world have influenced the global media by winning many international beauty contests and showcasing their potential.